Fully Automatic High Speed Wet Glue Labeling Machine


  • Vacuum pump
  • Total CGMP model
  • Bonfiglioli Gear Motor for Main drive
  • , No AC Frequency drive for Main drive
  • “No Container Labeling” System
  • Special self-aligning bearing ensure smooth and trouble    free rotation of the parts
  • Minimum change over time is required from one size of    container or label to another
  • A high efficient vacuum pump develops sufficient vacuum to    hold labels on pick-up cylinder
  • Special design and heat-treatment of all moving / rotating    parts to absorb normal wear and tear
  • Stainless Steel cladding or hard chrome plating of all    exposed parts to ensure long life and resistance against    corrosion
  • “No Container, No Label” an electrical sensing device    avoids wastage of labels. It also helps in keeping the unit    neat and clean
  • Quick change of speed or the adjustment of the complete    system and synchronization is possible automatically with       the help of % speed pot on operating panel
  • Suitable for Overlap Labeling where the length of label is    more than the circumference of the container


Label Height :

20 mm to 70 mm Standard*

Label Length :

45 mm to 75 mm Standard*

Bottlel Diameter :

15 mm to 50 mm*

Glue :

Cold Dextrine Base Glue or other glue which does not create any fibres or threading during rotation, water soluble glue is required

Electrical :

415 VAC 3 Phase or 220 VAC 1 Phase Power Supply through 
A.C. Variable Freqency Drive System(50/60 Hz)

Power :

3 H.P. With One Vacuum Pump 4 H.P. With Two Vacuum Pump

Speed :

Up to 400 Labels per minute depending on Vial and Label Size

Conveyor height :

830-875 mm*

Overall dimension :

2670 mm(L) X 960 mm(W) X 1100 mm (H)

Machine Direction of Movement :

Left to Right from operator sid