Fully Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine


  • No change parts for container and label size in standard    shaped containers
  • Single Point on-line Speed Variation control system
  • Machine with bottle separator unit.
  • Precise Label Placement Accuracy
  • Built In A.C. Freq. Drive System
  • Output up to 150 labels per minute.
  • Fully Stainless Steel Finish including main machine frame
  • Optionally online coding system
  • Automatic Double Side Sticker Labeling Machine    incorporates latest Microprocessor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive, Fiber Optic Label and Container sensing system.
  • Sticker Labeling machines are 100% User Friendly, Virtually Maintenance Free performance


Label Height                                 : 10mm to 90mm
Label Length                                : 12mm Min
Gap Between 2 Labels                 : min.3-5mm
Label Roll Dia                                : 300/400mm
Core Dia                                       : 75/76mm
Electrical                                       : 220VAC single phase Power Supply (50HZ)
Power                                           : 1.2KW
Speed                                           : From 60 to 200 Labels per minute depending on
                                                      Product and  label size.
Conveyor Height                          : 800-850mm
Conveyor Length                         : 1500-1800 mm
Frame size                                   : 930mm(L),530 mm(W),930 mm Width with Applicator