Automatic tube filling machine


  • The proposed High Speed 12 Stations compact rotary Fully    Automatic Lami/Plastic Tube Filling machine. Contact Part    -SS-316. Model - GMP Capable to fills from 40-300ml
  • SS-316 Syringe Pump Housing and Rotary Piston Filling    Device. With Blow off Device Pneumatic Tail Cut-off System.
  • NO TUBE - NO FILL Device. And Bottom up Filling System.    Filling Accuracy +/ - 0.1%.
  • Filling Speed 40 to 50 tubes per min.
  • Tube diameter of 16-60mm and height 60-258mm,
  • Tube holding Cup SS-304. And SS Spring Loaded Change    Part 12 nos. Nylon Holders one Tube Size will be provided.
  • Jacketed Hopper single Head Type of Capacity of 40 liters.    Temparetcher Controller With 3 KW SS Tubular Heater.Belt    Less Stirrer Device with augur to keep the product in    Continuous homogeneous condition. Geared Motor 0.5 HP,    RPM-40 REMI make. With Label Sensor and controller.
  • 8. Manifold cam indexing device Make Camfild.



40 to 45 tubes /min filling capacity.


5gm to 100gm

Tube Size dia.

12 min to 25 max.

Tube Size length

50L min to 150L max.

Power Consumption

2.5KW. Max

Size of Machine

1900 B X 1170 D X 1780 H

Net Weight

385 Kg. (Apprx.).

Gross Weight

480 Kg. (Apprx.).