Fully Automatic Single Head Capping Machine


  • Single  Motor  synchronises  Conveyor, star wheels and     platform turret and the speed can be  varied by the Hand    wheel

Provided on the side of the machine.

  • Part  coming in contact  with the  container or the  cap or     exposed  to the  Atmosphere  are the made out  of     stainless Steel for long  life ,good house – keeping and     good  manufacturing practice.
  • Unique  single  sealing Roller  imparts  uniform, scratch     free ,fit  tight  and  reliable  skirting and sealing.


Production  Rate       : 1800 to 3400 container per hour
Power                       : 0.5HP,415 Volt,&3 phase
Net weight                :  350kgs
Gross  weight           :  550kgs
Overall  Dimension   :  1220mm(L)X635(W)X1700MM(H)